A day of firsts..

I absolutely love trying new things and taking on new projects in the craft world is no different! With this said, I took a giant leap by knitting my first hat- and it’s about time too!

Photo on 8-18-14 at 2.31 PM

I used a skein of Red Heart’s Curly Q in Thunderstorm which was a gift from my mom.

I followed the directions on the reverse side of the label which can also be found  here.

This was definitely a quicker and easier project than I expected it to be. It only uses a series of knit, purl and slip stitches, making it ideal for a beginner knitter.

This pattern didn’t call for circular needles so at the end of the project so you’ll need to close the seam of the hat by weaving yarn through. Make sure to do this while the hat is inside out!


IMG_0260 IMG_0259

.. and when you turn it right-side you you can barely see the seem!




This pattern is called “Looped Tassel Hat”, so instructions for a looped tassel on top are also included. I decided not to add this, and instead used the remainder of the yarn to make pom poms for the large project that is the pom pom rug!

This was a fun project and I really loved the results! I can’t wait to try other hat patterns and to try creating one in the round!

P.S.- why don’t YOU try something new today!

hats off to you,


Here’s my pitch: a flower on top of a flower stitch

During my time at an SnB meeting one week I wanted to try a new stitch. I decided to make a headband using the Lotus Flower Stitch. << That’s a link to Craft Cookie’s instruction which is what I used to pick up the pattern.

I found the pattern very easy to follow along with and the results were beautiful!

However, this Lotus flowered headband was missing something…. so I added a flower!

I followed Cedar Hill Farm Company’s tutorial to create an embellishment for the headband. Being that this approach calls for one petal to be knitted at a time, I was able to create solid colored petals from my multi-colored yarn. This definitely allowed for the flower to stand out on the headband.

Below is a picture of the final product that I was able to take before we sold it at SnB’s fundraiser!



I definitely recommend this project or to try one similar to it. It was a quick knit, it’s super cute and perfectly cozy for the cold winter months!


Sending some Flower Power your way,



Who doesn’t love a hand-made…I mean… arm-made gift?

Not too long ago I tried a recently popular and easy technique for knitting. This new fad involves your limbs rather than needles to knit…can you guess which one it uses ? Yes, you’re right!  your arms!

Its no wonder that this approach to knitting has developed in that large needles and bulky yarns have become so popular in recent years. Arm knitting is a super quick and easy-to-learn technique that is favored when making infinity scarves. Once you get the technique down, its super quick and probably took me a total of 30 minutes to complete my infinity scarf.

What you will need:

-2 Skeins of thick yarn (I used Loops and Threads Cozy Wool in Sapphire)

-a pair of bare arms (roll up those sleeves and take off your bracelets)

-an episode of a television show on netflix of your choosing (because you will be done with the scarf in the time it takes you to finish that episode!)

I followed along with a Michaels Stores’ youtube video titled “Arm Knitting for Beginners” when creating my infinity scarf.


Photo on 3-23-14 at 8.34 PM #3

I bet If you use especially bulky yarn, you’ll kill two birds with one stone and get an awesome work-out!

P.S. Do you know of any other untraditional methods that have been used to knit/crochet or to create any other crafts for that matter?


Stay innovative,



Let’s get the party started!

So for this past Halloween, I came up with the idea to create a piñata costume! I thought I was a genius for coming up with such an idea only to find that it wasn’t as original as I thought! A website, Coolest Homemade Costumes has a great collection of pictures of homemade piñata costumes that you can refer to when creating your own. I knew I’d only need a few materials so I went for a walmart-run just a couple of hours before the festivities began.

I used a hot glue gun, tissue paper, scissors, and party hats. Instead of re-purposing a dress, I decided to use a pillowcase which I could easily take in to fit better. I cut the colorful strips to create a fringe (a stereo-type of all piñatas)!  I then glued these pieces to the pillowcase using the hot glue gun. I arranged the strips so that they helped to create an image of a dress, rather than a pillowcase, however you can arrange them however you’d like. [The process of cutting and gluing the strips took longer than I thought, so I’d recommend finding a friend! 

I followed the same process with the party hats, making sure to have some colorful strands hanging off of the top of each. … and TA-DA.. that was a piece of candy! (get the joke?)

This was such an easy costume to create and a fun one to wear! The Ke$ha song Tik Tok, is definitely your anthem when wearing this costume thanks to the lyrics: “The party don’t start till I walk in”. I received lots of compliments on it which was probably because I was giving out candy all night long. I definitely recommend this costume, even as a last minute costume for the day of.



The lovely lady to my left is none other than Elissa aka Peggy aka my best friend who is passionate about music, film and a strong advocate for all things femme. See what she’s got to say at Peggysthoughts!

Reunited and it feels so good!

Hello crafters!

It’s been way too long! I’m finally reunited with the blogging world and it feels so good!

I initially started this blog not just to share my creations and to connect with other crafters out there, but to also encourage myself participate in crafts on a regular basis and to blog about it. Unfortunately, my school work kept me extremely busy this past year which prevented me from completing projects and blogging. Luckily, I did get to indulge in some yarn work by joining the Stitch-n-Bitch club at my school. Through this club, I was able to learn the basics of crocheting, learned some new patterns, finished projects and of course, perfected the skill of gossiping and talking smack about others (LOL, I’m just kidding-or am I?)


Now that schools out for summer, I’ll have some more free time for my creative juices to flow to create some innovative and inspiring projects- but until then, look for a new post later this week!

POP QUIZ: How many songs did I reference in this post?

P.S. -Any crafty plans for the summer?


Stay Phunky Phresh,



Dreamcatcher Earrings

Looking for a charm to protect you from your bad dreams as you dream on-the-go? Look no further!  Here’s an easy to follow diy for Dreamcatcher Earrings!!

Collect some materials to create and embellish your dreamcatcher. Native Americans would decorate their dreamcatchers with items that were sacred to them, such as feathers and beads, so using items that are meaningful to you will make your set of dreamcatchers even more special. Some items you will need include a pair of bangle bracelets, earring latches, scissors, a hot glue gun , yarn and/ or string, twine, beads, feathers and some dreamcatchers as inspiration. As you can see, I have these items pictured below. ( As a heads up, I didn’t use the piece of lace or the feathers for this project, I decided to use them to create a bigger dreamcatcher. Personally, I thought adding feathers to my dreamcatcher earrings would make the earrings larger than I wanted them to be-but if you would like bigger earrings or have smaller feathers I definitely recommend it!)


First, tie a knot with the twine around the bangle bracelet and secure with a dab of hot glue. Begin to wrap the twine tightly around the entire bracelet. (I didn’t use glue again until I wrapped the twine all the way around the bracelet, where I secured it once again with a knot around the bracelet.) Instead of using twine, you can also use yarn, string, or leather. I personally chose twine, because I liked the texture  and color of it. (I wanted to go with a more neutral/natural look for my earrings.)

IMG_8264 IMG_8265 IMG_8277 IMG_8284

Now it is time to create the netting/web in the center of the bracelet. I found this to be the trickiest part, especially because I made one earring at a time from top to bottom so I had trouble remembering what I had done the first time. Don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t work the first time. It honestly took me some time to get the look I wanted, so be patient and try again. If you want to try a approach you can wrap yarn around a bangle randomly or attach some lace. Hopefully these instructions are easy enough to follow along, if not here are some other instructions I found provided by savingmorethanme that does a great job in describing this technique. Remember, you don’t necessarily have to use yarn you can use string or any other material you can think of.

Begin by tying a knot with the yarn around the top and securing it with some hot glue. Then begin by taking the yarn and weaving it towards the right by going under the bangle  and pull it over the bangle. Continue the under-over motion until you have the desired number of loops. Be sure this number is even ( I had 8). Wrap the yarn around the top of the bangle (where you began the looping process) and secure with a knot.

IMG_8287 IMG_8289 IMG_8299 IMG_8315

Continue weaving the yarn by doing it through the looped yarn rather than the bangle itself. Continue doing this until you reach the center. Once I got to the center I added a button, you can do the same, or add some beads.

Now lets add some string above to attach the earring latch. I took a small piece of string folded it in half and looped the string around the bangle. I then stringed some beads on either side and tied the string onto an earring latch and secured with hot glue.

I did the same thing on the bottom of the bangle by adding string, yarn and plenty of beads! There is no right way to do this so have fun and don’t be afraid to try something new!

IMG_8326 IMG_8323 IMG_8372 IMG_8357

What do you guys think? In what other ways can you incorporate dreamcatchers than just hanging up in your bedroom?

I would love to see the dream catchers you’ve made!

Happy dreaming,


What I gawked at today…..

Craftgawker is one of my favorite sites. Although I do enjoy being able to search for specific things on pinterest, I often find myself scrolling through pages and pages of handmade items on craftgawker. The site features whats hot right now by showcasing, tutorials related to fashion, decor, bath & body, accessories, basically anything and everything. What’s also great about this site is that they will feature artwork and products that you can purchase on etsy! Lastly, there are so many crafts for kids to do, or that you can make for kids which is great for moms or aspiring teachers, like me!

So now that you know a little bit about the site,  I’d like to take the time to point out some tutorials that stood out for me. I may or may not have gawked or drooled over how simple, innovative, or just plain cute these projects are! Enjoy!

1. DIY Pearl Bracelet from cutediys

Do you know how to make a three-stranded braid? Yes you do! It’s the one you probably use when braiding your hair! This ‘DIY Pearl Bracelet’ is a take on that technique, plus with pearl beads! It’s that simple!


Inspired by this? Why not try this look but with a five-stranded braid or with another popular ‘friendship bracelet’ technique!

2. DIY Stamped Clay succulent pots from damasklove

Remember the last time you used clay? For me, It was probably in kindergarden, that’s why I am so eager to try this project! Damasklove uses oven-bake clay to create simple yet elegant pots for those ever so popular succulents! These would also make great gifts!


In what other ways can you think of using oven-bake clay (besides to create pots and vases)?

3. DIY Huge towel beach tote by mysocalledcraftylife

What a great idea! There is always so much to pack for a trip to the beach and this tote will prevent your stuff from getting soaked and/or full of sand! (UGH I hate getting sand everywhere!) Mysocalledcraftylife, you are a genius for coming up with this, and its such an easy to follow tutorial! The best part is that you can just throw it in the washer after you get home! I can’t wait to try this- if only I discovered this earlier in the summer!


Have you ever made a beach tote using something other than a towel?  Where else would using this bag come in handy? the pool? water park?

4. Instagram Photo Display from a cabinet door by makinghomebase

Thinking of ways to decorate your room or college dorm room? and want to showcase your instagram pictures at the same time? Well try out this tutorial by makinghomebase! It’s super simple and doesn’t cost much!


This project reminds me of a project my best friend Jess from themodmermaid took on! She used the back of her door and attached the pictures using clothespins and string. Check out her site for beauty tutorials, hauls and so much more! Plus, she updates on a regular basis! (something I myself need to work on :p)

If you don’t use instagram no worries! Just print out pictures but at a smaller size! I would suggest using decorative washi tape on the clothespins! In what ways do you showcase your pictures other than in picture frames?

5. Homemade Sugar Scrub Wash by blytheponytailparades

Here’s a super simple diy sugar scrub wash using only lemons, limes, sugar and coconut oil! I’m sure it smells amazing! This would also be a great gift! There are so many simple and cheap scrubs and soap recipes out that you’l never have to go out and buy it again!


Have you ever made your own sugar scrub-and what did you use to make it? is this something you can see yourself making? ( I mean, why wouldn’t you!?!

So there you have it! Just a few craftgawker projects that I caught my eye! Along with craftgawker, there’s also dwellingawker, foodgawker, stylegawker and weddinggawker.. so if you want to sit in front of the computer for hours in awe, be sure to check these sites out!

stay gawking,